We are an innovative company of Artificial Intelligence

Our work focuses on the creation of forward-looking products based on Artificial Intelligence, with an approach on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Vision.

We break ground with the creation of each product, adapting it to the needs of the market. We carry out a comprehensive service, applying and adjusting our knowledge to the service of companies related to a wide variety of sectors.

Our promise

Breaking ground is the core idea of our vision. We are committed to offer innovative technologies, able to solve technological and logistical susceptibilities.
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Our values

Our view and strategy are defined by our passion for technology and innovation. Our values characterise all the work we do at CIBINAR, creating a culture that helps us to create high-quality products.

  • Commitment. We are committed to maintain superior quality levels in all we do, as well as in the use of our broad experience in fields of Artificial Intelligence, which aims to create innovative products that could help us meet the needs of our customers. We have created a teamwork culture that makes possible everything we work on, and because of this, we commit to help our employees by supporting them on their growing path.
  • Perseverance. We believe in the need to respond to the great worldwide rapidity on technological advance, and for that we prioritise constant innovation and flexibility, always creating high-quality products as a main purpose.
  • Integrity. We want to be a leading company in the area of Artificial Intelligence, and we want to achieve it by maintaining high levels of integrity. Clearness and respect for our customers are basic features of our culture.
  • Honesty. We want to build and maintain a reputation of excellence, and for us being honest with our employee sand customers is essential.

Our team

We count on a team which is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and has the ability to innovate as much as this technology allows it.

miguel ángel mora ceo

Miguel Ángel Mora

General manager / CEO

carlos abellan cto desarrollo

Carlos Abellán

Development manager / CTO

elisa sevilla

Elisa Sevilla

Administration manager

Jose javier costa datos

Jose Javier Costa

Data scientist

Juan miguel vidal control de calidad

Juan Miguel Vidal

Quality control manager

carmen ruiz

Carmen Ruíz

Administrative officer

marco palacios desarrollador

Marco Palacios


desarrolladora maría andrés

María Andrés


bryan juanola

Bryan Juanola


marketing con ginés garcia

Ginés García


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