(Access station)

Access control system that identifies and registers users, controlling their temperature in a non-invasive manner.

General characteristics

C-Temp is an access control system that combines 2 solutions into a single device. On the other hand, the Check & Pass system allows access control for the general public by reading QR code or presenting DNI among other validation methods. This technology manages the data obtained with dual security of encryption adapted and guarantees their confidentiality on FireStore servers. The power of the system lies in the overall traceability of users through the data obtained between all systems attached to the system.

In addition, it includes thermal camera for temperature control in a non-invasive manner, both of staff and the general public, protecting the user’s privacy as notifications and notices arrive privately to the security personnel, and the position of the camera protects the reading of third parties. The structure includes an informative screen that can be used both to broadcast information and reminders according to performance protocols, as well as promotional level of sponsors or similar.

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It is an ideal solution for sports pavilions, football pitches, public swimming pools, or any space that presents staff of their own work and to which they can attend, in a timely or recurrent way, general public for use of the facilities or visualisation of a sporting event.