Access control and identification system that facilitates the entry and registration of users to events or shared spaces.

General characteristics

Check & Pass is an integrated system based on artificial vision that identifies and registers users who attend a given space, creating a traceability map quickly and easily.

The system presents several access options, either by presenting ID/passport or using QR code generated through our “Check & Pass QR generator” app available on Android and IOS. The operation of the App is intuitive, it is enough to enter our personal data and download the generated QR code, with which we can access any establishment attached to the Check & Pass registration system.

Check & Pass manages the data obtained with dual security of encryption and guarantees their confidentiality on FireStore servers. The power of the system lies in the overall traceability of users through the data obtained between all systems attached to the system.

In addition, it is prepared to connect with mechanical lathe systems by connecting with relay, thus becoming an autonomous system that does not require personnel.

Various logging modes (QR code, ID, NIE, Passport or manual)
Data confidentiality guaranteed by FireStore servers.
Only required online connection to dump data to servers
Complies with current regulations


  • Structure made from sheet steel 1-3 mm thick
  • Touchscreen 3.2”
  • CPU Broadcom BCM2837B0
  • OCR reader for checking and checking identification documents
  • Micro USB connection and ethernet cable
  • Output relay


  • Allows a globalised user traceability.
  • Adapted to new access control regulations
  • Portable system. No installation required except license discharge
  • Integrable to mechanical access systems type lathe


It is an ideal solution for inns, sports facilities or public access spaces where users who access this space must be registered and identified for future traceability by the health authorities if necessary.


Protects personal data with double encryption on our servers.


Store records and hours information encrypted in our global database.


Identifies users by presenting ID, passport or QR code.


Global traceability of users in the spaces attached to the Check & Pass system.


It quickly and easily registers users who access a given space.


Receive monthly influx statistics with user records for optimisation of resources in customer service.

Available on the following platforms