(settlement control)

Integrated capacity control system based on Artificial Intelligence.

General characteristics

CIBIO-COUNTER is a solution integrated into a structure based on Artificial Intelligence that counts the number of people in real time entering and leaving an establishment.

The system collects visual information by means of a camera integrated into the structure, performing a pre-processing of the image for the extraction of biometric information that allows to differentiate between people and other objects or animals. Once the established virtual barrier is exceeded, it is added or subtracted as the individual accesses or exits. Likewise, it is possible to connect by relays to mechanical access controls type lathes or similar.

The built-in screen provides information on the current state of the capacity, sending the relevant message about the possibility of access depending on the occupation in real time. In addition, it is possible to include informative or promotional messages in it.

CIBIO Counter keeps records in real time, so you get valuable information about the temporary distribution of seating by weekdays and peak times that can be interpreted for resource optimisation and improved customer service in general.

Ensures compliance with capacity limitations
Automates the process, not requiring staff
Optimises resources from data analysis


  • Cibio Counter software for people counting by biometric analysis
  • Integrated CPU model I5
  • IP camera with RTSP Onvif protocol, or similar
  • Full HD monitor 22”
  • All-in-one support with accommodation for different systems


  • The complete system of easy installation and operation
  • The counting of people is done with complete accuracy
  • Real-time monitoring of capacity for resource optimisation
  • Automated process, no staff required
  • Integrable system with mechanical access controls


It is an ideal solution for establishments or public access spaces with limited capacity, as well as specific events in what should limit the entrance.

Biometric control

Develops a detection of people through
biometric analysis (previous discrimination).

User input

Informs customers of the current capacity and the
possibility of entry to the premises using the built-in screen.

Warning systems

Incorporates optional internal notifications in
function of required events such as full capacity or number of
users within the premises.

Real-time counting

Performs a count of the occupied capacity of
automated way.


It stores real-time data on a cloud platform, which is accessible via internal web through supported and connected devices.


Receive monthly influx statistics with records
from users for days, even hours, for optimisation of resources in customer service.