Cibio Identity

CIBIO Identity is a software for identification, registration and access control based on facial biometric analysis.

This technology identifies and records users using biometric analysis using Deep Learning algorithms to perform automated access control are previously registered users in the system.

The power of our search engine in the process of comparison with the database ensures a smooth functioning of the system, as well as unmatched tracking conditions. It is capable of registering up to 150,000 identities with reduced detection times (<1 second).

It meets the needs for signing and monitoring workers’ schedules from SMEs to large companies. The automation of this process entails a saving of the resources earmarked for this control. In addition, it allows creating categories of workers within an organisation to limit or restrict access to different areas or departments.

It is a highly secure contactless system, linked to mechanical access controls such as lathes or electronic locks with warnings and alerts customizable to linked devices.

Identification by biometric analysis
Powerful Comparison Search Engine
High security contacless system
Binding to mechanical control systems


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Maximum capacity of 150,000 users
  • High registration speeds (<1 sec)
  • Integration with other access control systems
  • Exportable alarm log in PDF
  • Notifications to linked remote devices
  • Allows categorisation of workers and accesses


Access control systems designed for companies of any size with the aim of automating workers’ hourly control processes. Public sports spaces, town halls, or any organisation with work personnel. Direct application to limit access to restricted spaces such as laboratories or industries.


Performs user detection using Deep Learning procedures and biometric analysis.


It controls accesses by connecting to mechanical devices such as lathes, and categorising areas and users.


Access the information from any device linked to the system and receive monthly log reports.


It records the user’s time of entry or exit, storing the information in the database.