Perimeter security system

CIBIO Perimeter is a video analytics software for the detection of people in restricted spaces using Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology, based on Deep Learning, analyses with advanced mathematical algorithms the data extracted from video images. Through biometric analysis, Cibio Perimeter is able to discriminate between people and animals or other moving objects by offering an unmatched false alarm rate.

It is a complete solution that integrates push notifications, channel preview or embedded video recording for each alarm among other features.

Thanks to its interface, the configuration of a perimeter security system is simple and intuitive, adding the necessary channels and delimiting in each of them the zones or areas to be protected. Outputs after event are configurable via relay connection, and allow to activate any sound, light or mechanical system.

In short, an efficient video analytics, with easy management of the analysed information, for both installers and users, compatible with any manufacturer and integrable with the main monitoring centers (CRA).

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Video analytics based on Deep Learning
Lowest false alarm rate on the market
Allows you to configure, and easily edit the selection of the perimeter to protect
Compatible with any manufacturer
Integrable to CRA software


  • Simple and intuitive interface for the correct use of the user
  • Multitasking option per channel
  • Alarm recording with embedded video (+ 10s)
  • Connection with Remote Devices
  • monthly statistics report
  • High image processing speeds
  • Running in streaming and substreaming


Surveillance systems designed for installations of any size, closed or outdoor, including critical infrastructure. From private chalets to shopping centers, parking, large crops or photovoltaic plants.


Protects a perimeter quickly and effectively by drastically reducing the rate of false positives thanks to biometric analysis performed when deciding whether to activate an alarm or not


It stores the information of events on the platform, as well as the videos of them. Access records and reports using any linked device.


It facilitates the management of video surveillance to both CRA and installers and users thanks to a simple and integrable interface to the main software on the market.


Activates any light, sound or mechanical output by connecting it by relay. Automatically receives push alert notifications on associated devices.