(Capacity control)

CIBIO-COUNTER is a software based on Artificial Intelligence that counts in real time the number of people that enter and exit an establishment.

Our software uses digital lines traced upon the image of a camera in the entrance of the establishment, which the system process in order to determine and count the number of people that go in and out of it. Optionally, one screen allows customers both the view of the amount of people inside the premises and the capacity available in real time.

Protects employees and customers
Meets capability standards for people
Facilitates the management of people´s counting and capacity control

It counts the number of people entering and leaving a facility quickly and effective.


It stores  real-time data on a cloud platform, which is accessed by means of an internal web through compatible and signed-in devices.


It learns from the start of its functioning. Automatic learning technology makes the software more and more intelligent. The software complements different neural networks to obtain a precise result and adaptable to different environments.


It immediately informs to the business manager and customers about the total number of people inside the establishment. Moreover, it notifies supervisors about any important piece of information through a variety of compatible devices.

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