Educative proyect approaching Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Educate CIBINAR is an educative proyect that already has the support of several secondary schools in the Region of Murcia, with a qualified teaching staff experienced in the field of education for young people between 12 and 16 years old who will travel to educational establishments according to schedules to be agreed by each institute, understanding the existence of an availability limit.

The content to teach in these extra-curricular courses focuses on one of the most full of promise and necessary subjects due to the scope of this; CYBERSECURITY.

The syllabus provides knowledge about the dangers on the Web, how to locate them and protect yourself, social networks, mobile and computer protection methods against malicious attacks and Hackers intrusions, initiating active Cybersecurity.

Hack and Young Proyect

On July 1, 2019 began the Hack & Young
program in the vicinity of CIBINAR, being this the first bet of CIBINAR for the
young and future yong promises in the computer world. Young people are aged
from 15 to 20 years old (National and International)

It is worth to highlight that in the past
many Spanish geniuses and hackers left Murcian lands. The essence begins to
predominate and ethical hacking takes over to confront future geniuses to the
deepest concerns curiosities of internet things.

CIBINAR takes as its banner the opportunity for young people to contribute to training, creative projects and day-to-day technological research.

 Puro Hacking Proyect

Workshop based on:

  • Cybersecurity conferences
  • The experimentation of different technologies.
  • Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, automating
    response processes and triggering automated attack vectors.

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