GOLDFACE is a control access device by facial recognition.

GOLDFACE includes the following:

  • CIBIO-IDENTITY facial recognition software for people registration and access control.
  • OCR reader to check and register ID cards
  • LED Control hardware module and relay access, for the opening of doors and lathes.
It increases the security of establishments
Ensures compliance with working hours
Improves service and customers assistance


It registers users and allows them to be categorised as employees or customers. Our software works correctly even with partial face occlusions, such as the use of glasses, scarves or hats, and it does not permit the impersonation of users through photographs. Besides, identification can be configured by means of a OCR card reader.


It controls entries to ensure compliance with the user registration configuration, and security specified by the company. The opening of doors can be configured by control led relay, once the identification of the person accessing the establishment has been verified.


It stores real-time data on a cloud platform, which is accessed by means of an internal web through compatible and signed-in devices.


It learns from the start of its functioning. Automatic learning technology makes the software more and more intelligent. The software complements different neural networks to obtain a precise result and adaptable to distinct environments.


It notifies supervisors about any important piece of information through a variety of compatible devices.

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