Access control device by facial recognition.

General characteristics

Access control device whose Software, based on biometric facial recognition analysis, identifies customers by allowing or denying access. In addition, it incorporates OCR reader for initial registration validation by presentation of a ID or passport.

The power of our search engine in the process of comparison with the database ensures a smooth operation of the system, with very low detection times.

The system allows the incorporation of previous databases (self-prohibited example), which can be expanded with VIP users, non-gratos or notes for a personalised customer service. The device incorporates a warning system to the devices linked to it (personal notice)

The database belonging to the same company that has several Goldface devices is shared, so any modifications to it are updated on all devices at once. The device connections to mechanical control elements by relay (turns, bolts…), make Goldface a secure and autonomous access control device.

Secure and efficient access control
Adapted to new regulations
Linkable to self-prohibited databases


  • Integrated estructure
  • Touchscreen 22"
  • CPU I7 9400 16Gb 2060 RTX
  • Reader OCR Honeywell
  • Camera IP C-200 TP-link 360º


  • Allows traceability of users
  • Database shared between linked devices
  • Adapted to new access control regulations
  • Reduced user identification times
  • Statistical reports of capacity and entry records
  • Notifications to employees on linked devices.


It is an ideal solution for playrooms or any establishment or company that requires control of entries and registration in a safe and reliable way.


Access is registered forming the database of exportable and accessible global accesses from linked devices


It identifies users through facial biometric analysis with very short detection times.


Automatic access process after initial registration, optimising resources for access control.


Allowing or denying access with previous self-prohibited databases to which VIP or non gratos users can be added.