Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

We are a leading-edge company in the area of Artificial Intelligence. we have created people´s counting systems, facial recognition and perimeter restriction,  among others



We are an innovative company of digital technology

Our work focuses on the creating of avant-garde products based on Artificial Intelligence, with a Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Vision approach.

equipo dedicado a la Inteligencia Artificial

Who we are

We are a team devoted to Artificial Intelligence. Our priority is technological innovation.

empresa tecnológica avanzada

Our technology

We use different tools to create technological advances that help enterprises

creaciones propias

Our creations

Our processing core based on Artificial Intelligence allows us to create a wide range of high-quality products, from people´s counting to facial recognition

Our product

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence cores we created, we are capable of developing a great
diversity of products (Capacity control, perimeter restriction, etcetera). All of them can be integrated to create adaptable solutions
 to different business situations and needs.
These are some of our creations



Software based on people´s counting that accurately detects the number of people standing inside an establishment in real time. 




Software based on Artificial Intelligence of  people registration and access control.




Perimeter security software based on Artificial Intelligence.



GOLDFACE is an Access control device by face recognition and OCR reader.


How do we help you

We are experts in Artificial Intelligence and we use different technologies in order to create technological advances that help businesses.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is a technique that allows computers imitate aspects of human behaviour.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is a variant of Artificial Intelligence which permits computers learn and improve by themselves as they process data.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning is a sub-set of Machine Learning. It is a multilayered neural network that learns based on great amounts of data

  • Artificial vision

    Artificial Vision is another kind of Artificial Intelligence, which trains computers to interpretand understand the visual world.


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