Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

We are innovation, tomorrow today. A technology-based company that develops solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Own processing core:

Our CORE, developed from Artificial Vision and Deep Learning, allows us to adopt solutions as they meet the current needs of companies. We specialise in logistics, security and control processes.

Some of our developments

We have created perimeter security solutions through video analytics and biometric control, access systems with temperature control and human counting, or automated facial-recognised entry logs.

True digital transformation goes through AI-based methods, with machine learning, through which our devices and security systems can identify and respond to current needs and threats in the most effective way possible.

Contact us to develop projects as you require AI-based solutions, artificial vision, or Deep Learning.

Cybersecurity. A Growing Need

We live connected. This allows us immediate access to information, but in turn makes it difficult to control that the processes we follow to do so are safe. As companies, we are obliged to resolve the vulnerabilities to which we are exposed, not only in compliance with the GDPR, but because the loss of confidential information would call into question the company’s reputation. As experts in cyberintelligence, cyberdefense and forensic analysis we offer a comprehensive cybersecurity service to companies, supported by layer protection software: MK Hunter. Our development is capable of analysing protocols as a predictive process detecting abnormal behaviors. In addition, it monitors the network with all records and events, and removes, thanks to the malware scanner, any existing threats.

Travel companions

Travel companions
Since Cibinar we are creating a solid network of collaborators in both national and international territory. We are looking for distributors for our solutions, as well as manufacturers to cooperate with in the development of new projects that meet the needs of the current market.

Who We Are

A team of Artificial Intelligence specialists. Our priority is innovation applied to the needs of our customers.

Our Technology

Own processing core based on Artificial Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Our Creations

We create tailored solutions and tailor-made projects in the areas of security, control and logistics for our customers

Our products

Creations based on the present and future needs of our customers.


Human counting device based on previous biometric analysis



Software based on Artificial Intelligence for people registration and access control.



Deep Learining-based video analytics for intruder detection



Access control device with facial recognition and verification system


How We Help You

We are experts in Artificial Intelligence, and we use different technologies to create technological advances that help companies.