MK Hunter

MK Hunter analyses, monitors and neutralises existing threats in your company.


The Internet has changed us. Social interconnectivity is reflected greatly in the way companies work. We relate at any time, from anywhere, and to any device. This allows us immediate access to information, which has led to a growth in the difficulty of controlling these processes.

As companies, we are obliged to accept this new paradigm and act accordingly, taking appropriate measures to solve the problems to which we are exposed (vulnerability). Due to the large amount of relevant information handled by companies today and the appropriation of it by external agents, not only does the company’s reputation be called into question, but we are also exposed to economic sanctions in terms of data protection.

A current problem

In Spain alone, more than 100,000 cyberattacks occurred in 2019, of which 70 % were directed at companies. Statistical data for SMEs are worrying, given that 20 % of SMEs have already undergone a cyberattack. The cost of such cybercrimes has resulted in a loss of around EUR35,000 on average, which has meant that 60 % of the companies attacked in the last year have not been able to recover.

In addition, the solutions applied so far in the area of cybersecurity are not enough, since they focus on protecting us from known malware, it is necessary to anticipate possible attacks by means of a predictive analysis.

Product Description

As experts in cyberintelligence, cyberdefense and forensic analysis, Cibinar offers a comprehensive cybersecurity service to companies, based on layer protection: MK Hunter.

The first layer consists of a predictive protocol analyser that detects abnormal or suspicious behaviors of any of them, and thus anticipates the problems we may have.

The second layer consists of a network monitoring service that involves all records and events that are running on the computer through it. In this layer you control all network traffic, downloads and different services that run in real time, controlling all endpoints (tablet, mobile, server, pc…).

The third layer consists of a malware scanner that cross-checks everything supplied in a private database that hosts malware anatomy for subsequent automatic neutralisation, including the detection and neutralisation of ramsonware-type malware, capable of hijacking files for ransom for them.

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MK Hunter is the complete antimalware and antispy solution offered by Cibinar. The most remarkable feature of MK Hunter is the ability to detect and remove all malicious software that can be installed in the security of your computer. MK Hunter is specially designed to adapt and upgrade as malware continues to evolve and becomes more sophisticated to avoid detection by anti-malware/antivirus programs.

Of the types of malware, it is worth highlighting rootkit, let’s say that a rootkit is a program or set of software tools that give remote access to cybercriminals to control a computer that in turn allows the cybercriminal to install all kinds of malware versions. In addition, MK Hunter is also able to detect and defend itself against Trojans, worms, toolbars, fake antispyware and antivirus programs that include fake computer optimisation programs.

General information and compatibility

MK Hunter has been specially designed to offer automatic malware protection without the user having to intervene in any or very few cases. This saves time and effort on the part of the user and can also ensure that the PC is protected.

To this end, once installed, the program will immediately activate the protective shield for a durable real-time defense against various types of malware including the dreaded ransomware.

In terms of compatibility, Cibinar’s new product has been designed to work optimally on all versions of Windows and MacOS. The product works in the 32 bit and 64-bit architecture.


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