Our technology

We have created a precessing core based on Artificial Intelligence, wich enables us to create a wide range of quality products, adjusting technological progress to different contexts and sectors over time.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to systems that imitate human intelligence aspects in order to carry out tasks that only humans could perform.

These systems can iteratively improve from the information they compile. An Artificial Intelligence system is able to analyse data in large quantitites and identify patterns to automatically operate later with rapidity and determination.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to carry out a specific task without using explicitinstructions, but on the basis of patterns and inferences.

Automatic learning algorithms are used where is difficult or unworkable to develop a conventional algorithm to perform the task effectively, such as email filtering or computer vision.

Machine learning is closely linked with computational statistics, which focus on making predictions by using computers. The study of mathematical optimization offer methods, theory and application domains in the field of machine learning.

Data mining is a study field inside machine learning and focuses on data exploratory analysis through unsupervised learning. In its application through business problemas, machine learning is also known as predictive analysis.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning. It is a multilayer neural network that learns from large quantities of data. This network is similar to the neural connections that exist in our brain.

It stands out because it does not require previously programmed rules, but the system itself is able to learn by itself. Deep learning is mainly used for the automation of predictive data analysis.

Artificial Vision

Artificial vision, or computer vision, is a scientific discipline that includes methods to acquire, process, analyse and understand real-world images in order to produce numerical or symbolic information so that it can be processed by a computer.

In the same way that humans use our eyes and brain to understand the world around us, artificial vision attempts to produce the same effect so that computers can perceive and understand an image or a sequence of images and act according to a certain situation.


This understanding is achieved thanks to different fields such as geometry, statistics, physics and other disciplines. Data acquisition is obtained through various means like image sequencing, views from different video cameras or multidimensional data from medical scanner.

Artificial vision is in charge of obtaining images with the aim of processing and ajusting (image dimensión, image color,etc) them, carrying out an analysis of different facial qualities that a human face has and extracting that information to make a specific classification.

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