CIBIO-PERIMETER is a perimeter security software based on Artificial Intelligence.

CIBIO-PERIMETER allows setting a perimeter to be protected, and once it is selected, it will alert us if a person surpasses any space of the perimetral area. The software will immediately identify the intruder and activate a light warning, as well as an audio announcement for the intruder to leave the perimeter. In turn, a countdown will be activated to alert authorities if the intruder does not leave the protected perimeter.

It increases the security of establishments
Facilitates the management of surveillance
It allows you to configure and easily edit the selection of the perimeter to be protected.

It protects the selected perimeter or area quickly and effective. Moreover, it reduces the possibility of false positives as it will only alert intruders when it is a person what surpasses the perimeter area.


It stores real-time data on a cloud platform, which is accessed by means of an internal web through compatible and signed-in devices.


It learns from the start of its functioning. Automatic learning technology makes the software more and more intelligent. The software complements different neural networks to obtain a precise result and adaptable to distinct environments.



It alerts when a person surpasses the perimetral area. Floodlights and warning sound alarms can be configured so that the intruder knows he/she has been detected. If the intruder does not leave the perimeter in a given time, an automatic notification can be set up to a security company. Furthermore, if the system is connected to internet, the owner of the property will receive notifications on his/her mobile device.

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